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Stephen Schattner is President of Imperium Holdings. Imperium is a vertically integrated real estate development firm that was founded over a decade ago. Imperium's line of services include real estate financing through private equity sources, real estate development and brokerage, tenant representation, architecture, and construction administration / management.

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Stephen has performed and administered services in almost every aspect of the real estate development process. His experience in construction, architecture, engineering, brokerage and development commenced in 1992. Stephen’s cumulative design and construction experience exceeds eight million square feet of commercial building area. His achievements also include multiple national and regional awards for architectural design and planning.

Stephen is a Texas registered architect, Texas licensed real estate broker, and licensed urban planner through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).

Stephen actively volunteers for Prestonwood Baptist Church, CC Young Retirement Homes, Children's Medical Center of Dallas, and Salvation Army.

He has been an active participant in the following: Panelist for France Publication’s Real Estate and Wealth Management; American Institute of Architects Ethics Committee Member; Guest Lecturer for Total Quality Construction Management and Architectural Programming; Community Services Chairman for the American Society of Civil Engineers - Lubbock; Volunteer for South Plains Association of Government; Urban Planning Committee Member for Junction, TX; and Founder and President of the Habitat for Humanity Tech Student Chapter - Lubbock.

Stephen’s degrees include an MBA specializing in International Real Estate Development & International Corporate Finance from Southern Methodist University - Cox School of Business; a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering  from Texas Tech University; and a Bachelor of Architecture, Structures Specialization, also from Texas Tech University.

Commercial real estate faces many challenges in the investment industry: there is no perfect market information system; it is loosely governed by law; it is not regulated by professional licensing or affiliations; investments are often undercapitalized; and there is an absence of science in investment underwriting. These potential risks are in fact potential upsides if the investment information is proprietary only to the investor and the business plan can be executed by an experienced team.

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Imperium recognized, since the company's inception, that the best service offered to its clients would be by undertaking advancements in information system technology and joining this with vertically-integrated real estate services. Our company has spent over a decade developing the technology that statistically assesses niche real estate investment opportunities and then executes on the best prospects uncovered. Our team then works through the entitlement process while simultaneously implementing a sales campaign to increase liquidity. Exit strategies are enhanced by Imperium's experienced individuals specializing in services that include development, brokerage, construction management / administration, architecture, property management, asset management and business advisory. This brings our real estate assets and our clients' businesses to market faster and at lower costs.

Additionally, our company has grown conservatively. Through mid-2010, our company and all of our assets remain debt-free. Imperium seeks investment opportunities that can potentially increase in substantial value without the added risk of leverage for land investments or high leverage for income-producing assets. Our consistent growth has led to the expansion of additional business lines in recent years that include tenant representation and business advisory for municipalities and merchants. Our approach is the same whether we work as a consultant or principal: reduce risk, increase profit and do this in the least amount of time.

Our company's access to proprietary commercial real estate information paired with our team's diverse skills and conservative investment approach unleash the highest and best use of commercial real estate assets. This results in increased margins, increased liquidity and reduced risk for our clients. The next decade of commercial real estate investment holds many challenges that can only be mitigated by a company that offers the best access to information and skills needed to implement the business plan. Imperium remains ready for these challenges.



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